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Asset Management

At SIG Investment FZCO we apply a common sense approach to managing the money you trust us to invest. Our ultimate goal is to help you preserve and grow real capital value over the medium/long term, together with the income generated thereon. Following an in depth discussion we will structure a portfolio that best meets your stated investment objectives and by understanding your personal circumstances and attitude towards risk, we will formulate a mix of asset classes that seeks to meet your expectations. We believe the ability to fare well in any economic environment is crucial, and that a sound, diversified portfolio represents the most successful strategic approach in attempting to accomplish this. As a result, we provide all our clients with the ability to diversify their portfolio across several asset classes.

It is our business philosophy that all clients are individuals, regardless of the amount of capital they have at their disposal, and should be treated as such. Our holistic approach to wealth management takes into consideration the context of your entire financial picture and enables us to create an investment structure aligned to each client’s unique needs and goals. If requested, we offer comprehensive financial advice including, financial position, protection planning, retirement planning, estate planning and tax planning. We coordinate with your other professionals as needed, i.e. accountant, attorney, etc. We customize a strategic financial plan including a tailored investment portfolio to help you meet your goals and obligations. Ongoing, we monitor and review the progress toward accomplishing your goals and make adjustments as needed in an ever-changing investment landscape. We realize that priorities change depending on time horizon, accumulation of wealth, and personal, economic and tax law changes, and that’s why we develop flexible strategies tailored to your unique circumstances.

At the core of our investment approach is our 'top down' look at the economy and financial world. After looking at the 'big picture' we analyse the various industrial sectors in order to select those which we believe will benefit most from the prevailing economic conditions. We then use a rigorous screening technique based on strict criteria, to identify potential investment opportunities. Following this we perform an in depth fundamental analysis based on business quality, balance sheet strength, cash flow and growth potential. This is designed to ensure the potential investment represents a secure and sustainable business proposition. The final part of our process is valuation, as we believe it is important where possible to purchase stock trading at a discount to long term fair value. Only when an investment has satisfied all aspects of this process is it considered for inclusion as part of our investment portfolios. As a firm, we endeavour to balance risk and potential reward in accordance with your expressed requirements. Each client has their own definition of risk and their approach to it. By understanding this, we look to build a portfolio that is tailored to both the client's time horizons and tolerance to risk. Our judgement of what is suitable will be reflected in the structure and content of each client's portfolio.

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